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The Story of a Beggar

Najati Al-Bukhari

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Once, and in a shining morning in which the sun was more or less smiling and while I was going through the square of the quarter, I remarked or rather witnessed something which I had never seen on the pale face of the small beggar.

I say, actually, a very beautiful and simple smile drawn on the face of the small beggar. The moment I saw the fascinating smile I was extremely excited, enchanted and full of joy at the same time.

I thought that something miraculous has taken place that was the birth of the simple and fascinating smile on the face of the small beggar. This mysterious small boy never smiled or has never been seen smiling. But today, in this bright and shining morning, the beggar was smiling and maybe he was trying to attract the attention of the passers-by.

I could not understand why!! Was there a message to be communicated to me through this innocent and enchanting smile? Yet I thought a lot of these questions and issues, but I could not arrive at any convincing and satisfactory answer.

Has the small beggar seen something interesting, beautiful, stimulating and exciting which drew his attention? I told myself that based on this reasoning; the small beggar was not blind. He could see and watch all what was around him.

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In another occasion, just few days later on, I had the chance of hearing the voice of somebody who was uttering some high cries. Was it possible that the beggar was really the source of these cries? In spite of all of that, I tried to keep myself far from this little riddle, the mysterious puzzle. I thought that, with these new developments, the smile and the voice, it was better for me, for the time being, to keep myself a little bit far from the small beggar.

On the other hand, most of the small boys of the quarter were behaving and reacting in such a way as if they have forgotten that there was a beggar who was standing there almost amongst them in the square of the quarter since a long time.

But it should be emphasized that the carelessness and the neglect of most of the small boys regarding the small beggar did not mean at all that I lost also that interest in the small beggar like them. On the contrary, my interest in the beggar increased with the new developments in the behavior of the small beggar.

The charming smile that was perceived on the small face of the beggar and his impressive voice that was heard by all, young and old, constituted new elements in the situation that made me increase and intensify my attention and curiosity in the destiny and the riddle of the small beggar.

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The Story of a Beggar

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